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Issued alongside the compilation Musiche de Teisco, the Dual Planet label offers another piece of the mysterious cosmic puzzle of electronic library maverick Teisco. Fast forward several years to D.O.C, a library recording released under his new tag Rimauri, Here, you can hear how Teisco / Rimauri has refined the synthetic vision he started to work on with his earlier recording Dossier Special. This set conjures up instant thoughts of vintage computer game soundtracks or even a parallel with that nearly-forgotten masterpiece of European electronica, Nuno Canavarro’s Plux Quba, could be drawn. While sitting closer to the conventions of ‘80s library music, there’s always something in there that doesn’t quite make sense, whether it’s the weirdness of the mix, the interjection of unexpected patterns or phrases or simply the abstract electronic moods and atmospheres unheard anywhere else in the library music realm. D.O.C. is a charming ride into the pop heart of Teisco’s skewed musical vision. (Also see Teisco – Musiche De Teisco. Dual Planet DUAL003LP)

  • Rare Library electronics.
  • Exact reissue of Teisco’s most obscure LP.
  • Follow up to Teisco’s phenomenal library-punk LP, Tuscan Castle & Country Seat.



1. Suffritticosa
2. Industria Meridionale
3. Movimento In Do Minore
4. Kompalompax
5. Atmosfera Neutra I Folletti


1. Plane Beta
2. I Folletti
3. Lamentazione
4. Artico
5. Mutazione

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