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The last time we checked in with Italian musician Teisco aka Rimauri, aka Marco Melchiori, was quite possibly also the first time many of you checked in with this most singular of characters. For The Roundtable imprint’s reissue of his blasted ‘70s Italian library classic, Tuscan Castle & Country Seat, managed to be both a blast of fresh air for the library and soundtrack palate, and a defining moment in early 21st century reissue culture. But Tuscan Castle only tells part of the story. Enter Musiche De Teisco, a compilation of mind bending electronics drawing from three obscure library albums: firstly, the Cosmic classic, Fly In 5° Dimensione / Plane Beta Ø, the freakish malnutritioned Moog-scapes of Inchiesta Sul Mezzogiorno, and finally, the aerated synth drone of Dossier Special. Think the power and mystery of the most sainted of Krautrock and Cosmic sides – Popol Vuh, Sand, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Conrad Schnitzler etc sitting alongside jerry-rigged basement Moog experiments. Experience further exploration into the strange and highly distinct world of this intriguing library music character. (Also see Teisco – D.O.C. Dual Planet DUAL004LP)

  • Compilation of rare cosmic Italian Library recordings.
  • Vintage DIY library electronics.
  • Follow up to Teisco’s phenomenal library-punk LP, Tuscan Castle & Country Seat.
  • Includes liner notes and rare photos.



1. Sfida Sul Mare
2. Luce Notte
3. Dimensione Alpha
4. Vaticano
5. Raggi Solari (Emisfero)
6. Paessagio Vulcanico
7. Lamentazione


1. Plane Beta Ø
2. Quartiere Moderno Del Sud
3. Industria Meridionale

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