TIME KEEPING (1979-1985)


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Melbourne has a new record label, NICE:NOISE: dedicated to up-heaving Australia’s backyards, draining the suburban pools & scouring the cupboards of our cities share houses past & present to bring you the best in electronic squelches, squeals, analogue hums & various fodder. NICE:NOISE is a sub-imprint of Dual Planet and will be a label focused on 1980s Post Punk electronics and Minimal Synth from Australia. A collaborative project curated together with Kate Reid from It Records & Jenny Branagan from NUN . Taking our name from the Philip Brophy/Tsk Tsk Tsk track where minimalism and pop collide head on, we’ll be delving deep to explore the unknown recordings of this incredible scene. NICE:NOISE in collaboration with It Records is proud to present our first title, a compilation from the legendary Melbourne Minimal Wave trio The Metronomes. Forming in 1979 and releasing two singles and two studio albums for Cleopatra Records (Cybotron/Tolley & Dara) in the 1980’s, the The Metronomes consisted of individuals from various groups from the Melbourne post punk scene, Al Webb (Streetlife), Andrew Picouleau (Secret Police, PopGunMen, X-Ray-Z, Sacred Cowboys) and Ash Wednesday (JAB, Models, Modern Jazz, CRASHLAND!). Time Keeping is a hand picked selection of loose post-punk fragmentations and seamlessly welded circuits by these Australian electronic auteurs.

  • Debut release of new imprint NICE:NOISE. A focus on Australian Minimal Synth and post-punk electronics.
  • File under Minimal Synth/ Wave, 1980’s Australian Electronica.



1. Sex I
2. The Ballad of the Metronome
3. Hey Coach
4. Justification
5. Closed Circuit
6. Saturday Night


1. A Living Person
2. Sex II
3. Losing Things
4. A Circuit Like Me
5. Sunday Morning

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