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In 2019, against all good music business judgement, The Roundtable followed their heart and reissued a highly experimental yet personal favourite Library album, Psycorama, a largely unknown recording from the murky depths of Italian stock music. A collection of electro-acoustic cues that were used to score a series of films and documentaries produced by the filmmaker Roberto Rossellini. (most notably used for the 1971 existential TV drama Socrates). Nearly 5 years after the reissue, we are excited to offer a limited, re-imagined cover design.

This special edition is housed in a rigid stitched seam phonograph sleeve with unique individual duo-colour gradiant screenprinted artwork. Including an inner sleeve with liner notes and rare photos. Designed by friend of the label ANDY VOTEL from Finders Keepers records

Limited edition of 10 test pressing copies.

In stock

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