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Behind the deceptive veneer of the demure monotone artwork, something unassuming lies within this long-play waiting to be explored. Intrigued by the ironic title, enticed by the elegant text positioned alone on the beautifully tactile matte canvas, the listener will experience musical wonderment at odds with the presentation and discover that the 1976 album Colours is a powerful yet sophisticated set of electric soul-jazz. An inspired recording that bursts with warmth and texture, the pivotal recording from an exceptional jazz musician. HER name – Judy Bailey.

Over the course of a 70 year career, the pianist and composer established herself as one of the central figures of Australian jazz. Her crowning achievement Colours is a spirited and ambitious recording that captured the maturation and shifting jazz landscape of 1970s Australia. Alongside other notable albums recorded mid decade including the 1975 self titled album by Melbourne’s Arena (see Roundtable SIR013) and Jackie Orszaczky’s Beramiada (1975), the album signalled the country’s transition from semi-acoustic jazz to electric jazz-funk. Regularly compared to the albums released on Creed Taylor’s CTI label, Colours parallel these recordings with clean production and spacious soul-jazz arrangements. In particular the crisp drums and processed bass heard on Bob James and Joe Farrell albums, the sprightly flute of Hubert Laws or perhaps the more sensual side of Flora Purim’s vocals could all be suggested as a source of influence.

Continuing to celebrate and re-document Australia’s jazz music legacy, The Roundtable are pleased to offer the first vinyl reissue of this seminal Australian Jazz recording. Presented in a replica gatefold sleeve with new liner notes, the full palette can once again be appreciated. Includes the moody funk of Fall Down Dead, the Iberian Waltz Toledo, the Jazz-Dance anthem Colours Of My Dream and the spacey impressionist piece The Eleven Eight Song.

  • First vinyl reissue of the seminal 1976 Australian Jazz-Funk album.
  • Featuring the Jazz-Dance anthem Colours Of My Dream.
  • Replica Gatefold sleeve with new liner notes.


  1. Fall Down Dead
  2. Toledo


  1. Colours Of My Dream
  2. The Eleven Eight Song

In stock

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