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A companion piece to the previous compilation, The Ultra Sonic Perception (DUAL005), Dual Planet offers a further glimpse into the eccentric world of electronic music innovator Eric Siday. Sounds Of Now is a collection of electronic ‘sound logos’ and switched-on library cues used in production and broadcast in the 1960 & 70s. Included here are variants of the creepy manipulated synthesizer theme which accompanied the 1964 Screen Gems logo, which was subject to the 2010 documentary The S From Hell, exploring the psychological effects that this haunting piece of music had on a generation of TV watching children. For fans of workshop electronics (Raymond Scott, Suzanne Cianni, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop) as well as synth enthusiasts searching to hear the pioneering sounds created on the early Moog synthesiser.

  • A collection of ‘Sound Logos’ and electronic Library cues.
  • Workshop electronic music composed on the prototype Moog Synthesizer.
  • For Fans Of Raymond Scott, Suzanne Cianni, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.



1-7 Signitune A-G
8-10. Come In A-C
11-14 Logo Gogo A-D
15. Happy Fanfare
16. Nature Trail
17. Record Club
18. Jazz Cellar
19-25. News Room A-G
26-27. Sports Desk A-B
28. Football Results
29-30. Racing News A-B
31-32. Winter Sports A-B


1. Talk In
2. Typing Pool
3. Bubbling Under
4. Automobile
5. Fly Right
6. Instant Breakfast
7. Starry Eyed
8. Sparkler
9. Bargain Basement
10. Market Place
11. Kitchen Concerto
12. Inner Man
13. Old Fashioned
14. Flat Battery Blues
15. Cool Explosion
16. Prestigious
17. Christmassy
18. BullFrog and Nightingale
19. Bell Tune

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