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Scored by the legendary Italian film composer Armando Sciascia, Sea Fantasy is a conceptual suite of twelve exotic themes evoking the many moods and dramas of life under the sea. Recorded in 1972 for Sciascia’s own Vedette label, the album is a key recording within the micro-genre of Italian underwater library music. A mosaic of evocative modern classical, flamenco textures and a surge of raw analogue synthesizers. Mysterious aquatic music that sits comfortably alongside other Italian Soundtrack and Library recordings including the lush bossa of Daniele Patucchi’s Men Of The Sea (CAM) as well as the experimental electronics of Biologia Marina by Amedeo Tommasi & Alessandro Alessandroni (Rhombus). With several cues used for the English-version soundtrack to Harald Reinl’s 1976 (Erich von Däniken inspired) mondo-documentary Mysteries Of The Gods, Sea Fantasy is reminiscent of the exotic mood-music scored for Folco Quilici’s documentary Oceano composed by Ennio Morricone as well as Luigi Scattina’s legendary tropical sexploitation film Il Corpo composed by Piero Umiliani. This new 2019 edition has been newly remastered and expanded with additional liner notes and photos.

  • 2019 remastered and expanded edition.
  • Legendary Italian underwater Library recording
  • Replica vinyl reissue of the rare 1972 LP
  • Mysterious aquatic mood music​​



1. Black Sand
2. Surging Surf
3. High Tide
4. Mediterranean Sunset
5. Tempest: Force 8
6. Shipwreck


1. Ocean Pollution
2. Underwater Fantasy
3. Moon On The Sea
4. In The Ocean Depths
5. ​Nostalgic Sea
6. Calm Sea

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