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Expanded reissue of mega rare 1979 unknown vanity pressing LP that blends ethnological field recordings, musique concrète principles and introspective synthesiser music from this cult European studio maverick and historic collaborator of COS, Philippe Druilet, Marc Moulin and John Surman.

Alain Pierre’s Mondo movie soundtrack to the controversial Des Morts shares very few stylistic rivals, but fans of Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain soundtrack and some of the more eldritch early sampling experiments of Jean-Pierre Massiera will certainly draw fragmented comparisons herein. Other listeners might file this album at the weirder end of your Smithsonian Folkways shelf, just before the Video Nasty soundtracks.

Presented in remastered form comprising extra vintage studio outtakes (in accordance with the films morbid narrative), Des Morts serves as a would-be sequel to Finders Keepers’ previous Ô Sidarta release witnessing Pierre balance his allegiance to the Belgian bandes dessinée scene and Thierry Zéno’s shock cinema oeuvre from the heart of his uber-legendary Brussels based experimental recording studio through the 1970s.


  1. Des Morts (Theme)
  2. Funérailles chez les Hmongs (Thailande)
  3. Clown
  4. Fàte des morts chez les Indiens Tzotziles (Mexique)
  5. Des Morts (Alternative Theme)
  6. Chant d’un Mariachi (Mexique)
  7. Cryogene
  8. Funérailles Bouddhistes
  9. Des Morts (Final Theme)

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